Activate Entry

Hardwick Arms – 09/10/2023

Location: Hardwick Arms

Plan completed on: 2023-10-09

Plan created by: Nicola Devereux

Stored and available for inspection at: Office

Who has the plan been communicated to?

All team

How have you communicated it?

All team

What terrorism protection training has been delivered and who has received it?

ACT awareness for duty managers, team require further training

How do you practice implementing the plan? (insert details)

Team are regularly quizzed on evac procedures and have fire refresher training online every 6 months

How is refresher training conducted and recorded? (Insert details)

both in house and on their personal online training

How is maintenance and testing of relevant equipment (first aid etc.) carried out and recorded? (insert details)

on weekly and periodic manager checks

The plan is due for review on: 2024-10-09

Review created by: Nicola Devereux

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