CT Protect can offer support tailored to individual need

Threat and Risk Assessment

What gets provided?

Bespoke security threat assessments for places, spaces, sectors and events. A written articulation of the risks that are seen to arise from those threats and an assessment of the current effectiveness/existence of mitigations. Development of gap analysis and learning opportunities.

What value does it bring?

  • Identification of liabilities that customers may hold
  • Improved operational delivery, focused on defined threats and risks
  • Reduced risk to company‚Äôs employees, operations and reputation

Testing and practicing

What gets provided?

A critical review of policies, procedures and practices of the client or their customers. Overt and covert assurance testing of operational delivery. Practicing responses with exercises.

What value does it bring?

  • Helps create a learning organisation
  • Ensures policies and practices are aligned to operational delivery (and vice-versa)
  • Reduces risk through operational assurance (especially when done live)
  • Helps operational partners develop knowledge of capabilities and delivery
  • Delineates responsibilities
  • Reduces liability

Protect Duty Consulting (subject to legislation changes)

What gets provided?

Support in interpreting the Protect Duty legislation.

What value does it bring?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Liability reduction
  • Risk reduction

NB – As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we do not charge for advice about this legislation.

Executive Counsel

What gets provided?
A written review of whether the business is approaching counter-terrorism from a defensible position. It can be used as a corporate health-check or more operationally to support contract negotiations with a clear articulation of who the stakeholders are known to be in both security and resilience terms, and where the boundaries of operational liability might exist.

Who is it delivered to?

C-suite leaders

What value does it bring?

  • Supports in understanding legal liabilities and current effectiveness.
  • Helps create relationships
  • Supports the creation of defensible contracting
  • Reputation enhancement


What gets provided?
Personal support in delivering lobbying, sales or threat assessments to existing or potential stakeholders.

What value does it bring?

  • Credible and authoritative voice on a range of CT/Security matters.
  • Strong reach into government and emergency services to facilitate operational collaboration

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