Your Plan

Hardwick Arms – 09/10/2023

Location: Hardwick Arms

Completed by: Nicola Devereux

Describe your premises

Public House- live music takes place, cap of up to 250 people, 5 entry and exit points

What type of terrorist attack is likely to occur at the premises?

Y- Results were vulnerable to guns, knives and bombs being carried into business unnoticed

Have you identified relevant workers who must receive terrorism protection training and ensured it is provided to them?

MAB will make terrorism training available for all team

Who will put the plan into action in the event of an incident? How is the plan and relevant information being communicated to workers at the premises?

Duty Manager will always be on site

Task 1 – Plan to warn people on the premises than an attack is taking place

The space is accessible enough to communicate to all guests and team with a tannoy, alarm system can bet set off, or fire alarm

Task 2 – Plan to lockdown your premises

All team aware how to secure business and can do so quickly

Task 3 – Plan to evacuate the premises

No issues with neighbouring businesses, evacuation plan in place- need to put procedure in place for event of risk being near evacuation point or risk of crowding

Task 4 - Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information

Team are trained on induction, no posters displayed but team are aware of procedures

Task 5 – Use available first aid and fire safety equipment

Yes- this year, all in date. No PAct on site

Task 6 – Consider how you tell your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them in an attack

Through area manager and police- no local business network

What next?

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