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My Health Centre, Anytown – 20/11/2023

Location: My Health Centre, Anytown

Completed by: The manager

Describe your premises

My Health Centre is a local doctors surgery and health centre. People come here to see the practice doctors and nurses and also to access the pharmacist which is on site. We have a capacity of 130 people when fully staffed. We are located on Side Street off of the main through fare of Anytown. We are about 400m from the town centre. The Health Centre is a single building on the opposite side of the road from a busy infant school and surrounded by houses with a community centre behind us. We have a car park for about fifty cars next to our building. Public access to the centre is by a large double door at the front (west aspect) of the premises. This is an automatic door triggered by a sensor. At the back of the building (east aspect) is the staff entrance which opens with an fob and a large fire exit which only opens from inside. On the car park side of the building (north aspect) is another fire exit which opens directly on to the car park. There are large concrete bollards between the car ppark and the public door which you cannnot drive through. There is a staff

What type of terrorist attack is likely to occur at the premises?

We could be vulnerable to any type of attack but most likely the threat could come from knives or stabbing items, bombs, substances like acid attacks and fire.

Have you identified relevant workers who must receive terrorism protection training and ensured it is provided to them?

We have five people in public facing roles and after completing our assessment we have ensured they have had terrorism protection training. They all receive personal safety training and how to deal with conflict as part of their induction training. The practice manager is responsible for maintaining records and they are kept in her office. New staff all receive the above training now.

Who will put the plan into action in the event of an incident? How is the plan and relevant information being communicated to workers at the premises?

The practice manager or her designated deputy is in charge in the event of an incident. We have a clear policy for who is in charge for any serious event such as a fire or other serious incident. If the managers are not available the duty fire warden is empowered to take charge. They have authority to order closure of the centre and any evacuation or invacuation etc.

Task 1 – Plan to warn people on the premises than an attack is taking place

We will shout to people in the public reception area and use the tannoy, which covers the entire building and when used it temporarily overrides the fire alarm if that is sounding. The tannoy system has a microphone in the semi secure receptionist area and can also be accessed via 123 on the internal phone system. If an incident occurred we would announce 'serious incident at (give exact location) everyone should now (explain what people should do e.g leave building by nearest exit, go through to the secure part of the building i.e. the treatment areas which are accessed by a buzzer entry controlled by reception with a back up in each doctors office. etc.)

Task 2 – Plan to lockdown your premises

We have rehearsed lockdowns in case we have violent people who may enter the public part of the centre and practice this once a year. Staff are trained and empowered to lockdown if a violent person comes in to the centre. The sensor for the front door can be switched off from the semi secure receptionist area which is located 10m from the door. There is no ability to remotely lock it. If we had to do this the receptionist would have to go and manually lock it. However the receptionist area has a back door on to the secure rear area of the building and this door can be locked. The public waiting area is 10m from the front door with clear space in between. Access to the treatment area is via a buzzer controlled door. If we had to lock down people would go through there and the door locked from the inside by the receptionists. They would be told verballly in the first instance and the tannoy used if possible. If a lockdown was put in place the words 'serious incident at reception, everyone should now move quickly to the doctors treatment areas as we are locking the building down'

Task 3 – Plan to evacuate the premises

The evacuation plan is the same as the fire evacuation plan (see fire evac plan). This is practiced once a year. If the evacuation is for a different reason this is announced on the tannoy with any additional instructions. This is reinforced by the fire marshall staff. We have shared our plan with the local school and community centre, it does not conflict and have a whats app group to share information.

Task 4 - Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information

As part of our terrorism training and dealing with violent people training we are happy that staff know when to call the emergency services in the event of an incident or potential incident. Staff will diall 999 on building phones or their mobiles if necessary. All staff have been rained in METHANE and we have posters in the staff rest area with what to do if an incident happens.

Task 5 – Use available first aid and fire safety equipment

A First aid needs assessment is completed every three years and is kept by the practice manager as part of the HSAW documentation. All staff receive first aid training once every three years (kept on staff personal records) which includes dealing with serious or catastrophic bleeding. We also have a number of doctors and nurses on site. here are four PAcT kits on the premises. Two in reception and two in the treatment areas.

Task 6 – Consider how you tell your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them in an attack

We have close links with the local school and community centre and have shared our plans. We communicate by whats app and all have eachothers land line numbers etc.

What next?

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