Your Plan

Nottingham – 29/01/2024

Location: Nottingham

Completed by: Andy G

Describe your premises

What type of terrorist attack is likely to occur at the premises?

Have you identified relevant workers who must receive terrorism protection training and ensured it is provided to them?

Who will put the plan into action in the event of an incident? How is the plan and relevant information being communicated to workers at the premises?

Task 1 – Plan to warn people on the premises than an attack is taking place

Task 2 – Plan to lockdown your premises

Task 3 – Plan to evacuate the premises

Task 4 - Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information

Task 5 – Use available first aid and fire safety equipment

Task 6 – Consider how you tell your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them in an attack

What next?

This is the plan you created for Nottingham – 29/01/2024. Once you have reviewed it, you should move on to step 4.

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