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SCHOOL TEST – 18/06/2024


Completed by: DANNI

Describe your premises

higher education facility - teaching and learning environment. Capacity of 800. The school is used by pupils, teaching staff, and support functions. The school is also used for other public and private hire outside of core school hours.

What type of terrorist attack is likely to occur at the premises?

The evaluation shows that the school is vulnerable to a bladed weapons attack. Although access to the school is limited via reception, there is open access to the public through school gates and entrances. The assessment shows that such attacks would impact dependent if the school premises were accessed during open period or events when the pupils are assembled. A person could roam the school without challenge at some times.

Have you identified relevant workers who must receive terrorism protection training and ensured it is provided to them?

I identify all staff would need to understand terrorism protection training. This will need to be resourced and factored in and would include supply teachers.

Who will put the plan into action in the event of an incident? How is the plan and relevant information being communicated to workers at the premises?

The school SLT would be responsible for the school environment but there is an acceptable that any member of staff should know what to do.

Task 1 – Plan to warn people on the premises than an attack is taking place

We have a tannoy system although access to this is via main school offices. I would need to provide training for staff. There is no current form of words. Some staff have conducted ACT training.

Task 2 – Plan to lockdown your premises

The school premises cannot be automatically locked down, and therefore there is a vulnerability for this location. Physical entrances would need to be checked, classrooms cannot be secured internally. There is no budget for such improvements.

Task 3 – Plan to evacuate the premises

We have a school evacuation plan which is in place, but we do not have a secondary plan =- therefore this will be reviewed.

Task 4 - Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information

Task 5 – Use available first aid and fire safety equipment

Task 6 – Consider how you tell your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them in an attack

What next?

This is the plan you created for SCHOOL TEST – 18/06/2024. Once you have reviewed it, you should move on to step 4.

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