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TATTU Birmingham – 12/12/2023

Location: TATTU Birmingham

Completed by: Ellie Dalton

Describe your premises

We are a fine dining restaurant, serving food and drinks. We offer full venue hire, private dining and casual reservations. We have a capacity of 150 seated or over 250 standing, we are pushed back onto a side road in Colmore row, however, it is still a very busy road with non-stop deliveries/traffic. We have a main entrance/exit point through the double doors at the front of the venue and then there are two further fire exits located downstairs for evacuation purposes- three exits in total.

What type of terrorist attack is likely to occur at the premises?

Based on the evaluation, we may experience a stabbing/cutting attack as the highest risk and then we are vulnerable to bombs as we have lots of deliveries and people coming in and out of the venue, vehicular attacks could be possible as we have outdoor seating too and sometimes queues out of the doors when exceptionally busy. Making staff more aware of how to deal with any instances or how to best evacuate depending on circumstances is crucial.

Have you identified relevant workers who must receive terrorism protection training and ensured it is provided to them?

I believe we have managers who require this training to brief the wider teams. No one within my organisation has received any training regarding this topic as of yet. Training records are uploaded by department managers and overlooked by HR.

Who will put the plan into action in the event of an incident? How is the plan and relevant information being communicated to workers at the premises?

Managers on Duty would be in charge. We would need a bigger plan than just this one individual however, if the restaurant was full on a busy day and we would need a back up.

Task 1 – Plan to warn people on the premises than an attack is taking place

We do not have a tannoy/speakers. We would need to reduce the volume of the music and verbally alert guests and the team. We do have an alarm system on the premises and this triggers a police response when activated.

Task 2 – Plan to lockdown your premises

We can lock our front doors. The back gates are communal, so we would need to try and lock our fire doors that are in the corridors of the building. Most doors are coded so without the codes you cannot gain access. Staff know how to lock the doors, however, the wider team who do not manage the doors will need to be aware of the location of the keys- we do not have automatic locking of the front doors. Staff can lock the doors manually as they please before 12pm, however, after this they would need reason. We do have areas that we could potentially secure however, there are multiple points of access so the team would have to work together. The team have not had any training on how to lockdown the venue, we have received no training in how to alert guests or how to communicate this and the processes that follow.

Task 3 – Plan to evacuate the premises

We currently have a fire evacuation plan, however, no terrorism evacuation plans- we need to be mindful of congregating in any one area too much.

Task 4 - Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information

We have no current processes on how and when to contact the police, it is usually done so by individual judgement upon those circumstances. We do not have posters/information displayed.

Task 5 – Use available first aid and fire safety equipment

Yes, we have multiple first aiders and fire fighters on site. These are clearly labelled and posted back of house for the staff to see. We have your usual first aid boxes around the venue and then a burns one also located in the kitchen, we have also undergone some physical training in how to dress wounds/cuts of varying severity. None of this training was centred around counter-terrorism.

Task 6 – Consider how you tell your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them in an attack

Neighbours are aware of some fire evacuation plans as we are all joined within the infrastructure, however, no particular detail was given. We would need to efficiently communicate these plans to ensure there is no conflict with congregating in the same places etc.

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